Bojietech offers a wide product line of cation exchange resins for domestic and industrial water softening including fine mesh resins, highly crosslinked resins, coarse mesh resins, low crosslinked resins and macroporous resins. In general, softening is the removal of Calcium and Magnesium to prevent hard water from scaling on piping, plumbing fixtures, bathroom surfaces and etc. It is also called the removal of hardness.
      Bojietech softening Resins are used to soften water for use in appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and steam irons. They are also used in filter cartridges for purification of drinking water, used in laundries, in brewing and soft drink manufacture for bottle washing, process water for boilers, and process water for industrial and chemical processes which require softened water e.g. textiles.
      All Bojietech softening resins are available with the WQA Gold Seal approval and certification to the ANSI/NSF 61 Standard.

Amber colored sodium form food grade cation resin, high efficiency.
Black colored sodium form household grade cation resin, high efficiency.
Amber colored fine mesh grade sodium form cation resin for iron removal.
Amber colored sodium form commercial/industrial grade high capacity cation resin.
Amber colored coarse grade sodium form cation resin for high flow systems.
Amber colored sodium form high crosslinked strong cation resin for better chlorine tolerance.
Macroporous sodium form highest crosslinked cation resin for best chlorine tolerance.