Polymeric adsorbents are very porous spherical polymers based on highly crosslinked, macroreticular polystyrene, aliphatic, or phenol-formaldehyde condensate polymers. Polystyrenic adsorbents are more selective to non-polar products and their pore size has been tightly controlled to enhance this selectivity. The variations in surface area and pore volume give each product unique advantages in certain applications. Polyacrylic adsorbents are designed to remove hydrophilic organic compounds from less polar solutions / solvents.

non-polar particularly suitable for the efficient sorption of high molecular weight color bodies such as those found in sugar solutions, and many complex organics such as dyestuffs or certain pesticides. The resin is normally supplied in a water-wet form.
non-polar tailored for the efficient sorption of medium to high molecular weight color bodies such as those found in sugar solutions. They are also suitable for treatment of industrial wastes, both liquid and gaseous, which can contain a wide range of molecular species including low molecular weight chlorinated hydrocarbons.
non-polar tailored for the efficient sorption of low molecular weight. Due to its relatively small pore size this product can offer a higher selectivity than other adsorbents, across a wide range of applications and operating conditions. Possible applications are removal of aromatic hydrocarbons, such as phenols from waste solutions.
Hydrophilic. Removal of polyphenols and surfactants as well as fruit juice debittering.
Hydrophilic. Used for recovery of antibodies, enzymes and proteins and other specialist applications. It can be sued for the removal of slightly polar or polar chemicals from non-aqueous solvents and removal of non aromatic compounds from more polar solvents.
Hydrophilic. Typical applications include the uptake of selected organic compounds in process and waste treatment applications.
Contains phenolic hydroxyl and methylol groups. Hydrophilic. Removal of high molecular weight water soluble color bodies aqueous solutions such as glycerol or fermentation broth.