Bojietech provides a complete line of ion exchange and adsorbent products for use in industrial deionization systems. Several combinations of vessels are possible in a Deionisation system, apart from the standard Two Bed configuration. Our products include resins manufactured specifically for separate beds, complex multi-beds, strata beds and mixed beds.
      They can be supplied in pre-regenerated and ready to use form or in their exhausted form suitable for long term storage.

Used in industrial deionization systems.
Sodium form strong cation resin for better chlorine tolerance.
Macroporous sodium form highest crosslinked cation resin for best chlorine tolerance.
Component of mixed bed resin.
Mixed bed resin used in industrial deionization systems.
BIPC Inert floating support bed.
S-TR Special inert polymer beads intended for tri bed systems as a buffer between cation and anion resin layers during regeneration.