Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) provides flexible configurations and rapid deployment of ion exchange systems without the need to handle potentially dangerous chemicals or to deal with acidic and basic regeneration wastewaters. Portable exchange can be used for selective removal of targeted contaminants as well as for bulk deionization and polishing the effluent from other treatment processes.
      Bojietech manufactures a wide variety of mixed bed and separate component resins specifically for the portable exchange industry. They are available regenerated (ready to use) and in exhausted forms (suitable for long term storage).
      Ion exchange resins for portable exchange use are available in high purity and low TOC versions suitable for pharmaceutical and semi-conductor applications.

Amber colored low cost mixed bed for EDM and other general purpose uses.
High capacity workhorse resins.
Hydrogen form strong acid cation resin.
Hydroxide form strong base anion.
Arsenic selective resin/adsorbent for Silicate and phosphate removal.
Nitrate selective strong base anion resin for removal of nitrates.
Gel type perchlorate selective strong base anion resin.
Macroporous acrylic anion resin for low fouling in highly colored waters.
High porosity anion resin for best physical and chemical strength.